The JackBag

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Our Kickstarter campaign is over, but you can still grab your JackBag here before prices go up soon.

Check out the Hyper Versatile Jacket + Backpack Transformer now available to ship worldwide.

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Hyper Versatile Jacket:


Safe on and off the road.

Be visible in low-light conditions.

Riding personal transporters like bikes, segways, skateboards, e-scooters has been part of our everyday lives. 


But did you know that 92% of fatal outdoor incidents occur in low light conditions? 

That’s why the reflective fabric is very practical as it will keep you visible and safe no matter what time of the day it is!

JackBag: A Jack of All Trades

Everything fits in your JackBag, from sunglasses to earbuds to a water bottle, phone, and even an iPad. 

It’s unique design layout evenly distributes the weight of whatever’s in your pocket for the best and healthiest carry.

Multifunctional 14-Pocket System

OuternativeX Load Distribution System

Extraordinary Versatility, Unmatched Performance

Multifunctional 14-Pocket System

While the idea of 14 pockets may sound like a lot, the JackBag’s pocket layout helps evenly distribute the load across your body, so it doesn’t weigh you down. 

2 in 1 Transformer

The JackBag’s capacity to morph into a bag is what makes it distinct from other jackets. It’s quite convenient because it eliminates the need to carry both a bag and a jacket.

Hi-Visibility Outernative Reflector

Be visible in low-light conditions. Extremely practical during your nighttime bike, skateboard, or e-scooter rides.

OuternativeX Armor

Convert your JackBag into an armored one. The flexible, easy-to-install pads are designed to safeguard you from unexpected situations. 

Welcome to Outernative

Outernative is committed to providing you with innovative products that will transform your everyday adventure to the next level. We develop products that are precisely tailored to meet our customers’ active lifestyle needs and to create the finest adventure experience possible. We don’t just make items that are functional and versatile; we also give them the right polish by using only the best quality materials. 


The Jackbag Xtreme comes with OuternativeX Armor such as elbow pad, shoulder pad & back pad. These are designed to protect you from any accidents during Xtreme activities.

The Jackbag Lite does not include OuternativeX Armor. You can select from our add-on depending on what you need.

The bag can carry up to 35L. The larger the jacket size the more space and load it can carry.

The jacket can withhold between 5-27 Degrees Celsius | 41-98.6 Fahrenheit in Temperature.

YES! The jackbag is 100% water-resistant even the zippers are impenetrable to water droplets & dust particles. Thus, protecting you & your belongings from all types of elements, including water, dust and wind.

You can use the Outernative’s Jackbag 14 pockets system to secure all your items inside the bag and it will be easier for you to turn the bag into a jacket. Another option is that you can use the 35L foldable tote bag that is detachable from the 10.6 inch pocket, to hold all your belongings.


JackBag: Hyper Versatile Jacket + 35L Backpack Transformer


See what others have to say about the JackBag.

“Overall, the feature of JackBag are more effective. We really like the light-reflecting feature which is missing from the others. It is an amazing safety advantage for people who ride bikes, scooters, skateboards, etc., especially at night. “


“The JackBag serves a unique set of purposes – It’s a clever piece of hybrid fashion that’s convenient for when you want a bag or a jacket and you couldn’t remember to carry them. Nobody likes carrying an empty bag for the heck of it”  

Yanko Design

The JackBag

39 Reviews

Check out the Hyper Versatile Jacket + Backpack Transformer now available to ship worldwide.

$189 $153