adventure jacket

About Us

During the conceptualization phase, the design team noticed that most people are looking for a jacket that can protect them from all types of weather, enable them to carry all of their electronics without looking bulky, and may be utilized for various purposes.

After years of research, gathering inputs from all sorts of people and careful considerations.  The team finally created a jacket that is comfortable, functional, versatile and stylish. It’s not easy making such a perfect garment but through trial and error and because of our commitment to make every adventure and activity possible and memorable for people, we make it work.

You won’t have to be concerned about the weather, how you’ll transport your electronics, or how you’ll handle a heavy jacket while it’s not in use. Because at Outernative Jackbag, we engineer and construct each design, not only to make you look fashionable, but also to  optimize its utility making your life easier and every adventure possible, memorable, fun and relaxing. 


We strive to further design and produce products to the tune of safety and improved quality of living. The items we make are meant not only to protect, but also to provide additional utility. Through this philosophy, we will continue to strive and innovate with purpose through feedback and tireless research.


OuterNative has always had the convenience and safety of our customers in mind. Our products are specially designed to protect you from any unforeseen and unfortunate situations you may find yourself in while providing you with comfortable and convenient benefits in your day to day.

Core Values

What we value most at OuterNative is safety, security, and satisfaction. We want our products to ensure the well-being of our customers and their belongings while also providing them with a comfortable experience.