The JackBag

Our Kickstarter campaign is over, but you can still grab your JackBag here before prices go up soon.

Check out the Hyper Versatile Jacket + Backpack Transformer now available to ship worldwide.

The JackBag’s capacity to morph into a bag is what makes it distinct from other jackets. It’s quite convenient because it eliminates the need to carry both a bag and a jacket.

If you’re feeling warm and don’t want to carry your jacket, all you have to do is fold it into a bag and sling it around your body. Ideal for hassle-free and hands-free travel.

JackBag: A Jack of All Trades

Everything fits in your JackBag, from sunglasses to earbuds to a water bottle, phone, and even an iPad. 

JackBag sports easy access exterior pockets with quick and secure zipper clossure systems combined with smart and efficient interior pockets.

Ready Anytime, Anywhere

OuternativeX Reflector™

Be visible in low-light conditions. Extremely practical during your nighttime bike, skateboard, or e-scooter rides.

OuternativeX Armor™

Convert your JackBag into an armored one. The flexible, easy-to-install pads are designed to safeguard you from unexpected situations.

Welcome to Outernative

Outernative is committed to providing you with innovative products that will transform your everyday adventure to the next level. We develop products that are precisely tailored to meet our customers’ active lifestyle needs and to create the finest adventure experience possible. We don’t just make items that are functional and versatile; we also give them the right polish by using only the best quality materials.

The brand name, Outernative, is made up of the phrases “Outer”, “Native” and “Alternative.” The term outer and native, in this context, refers to nature and all that you would experience on your journey, whether in the wilderness, in the city, or even in your community. “Alternative” comes from thinking outside typical boundaries which sum up exactly why Outnernatives work so well on an arduous journey into unknown territory!